Dawson’s Creek Revisited: Season 2, Episode 14 – To be or not to be

Jack is showing Pacey and Dawson some city that he built for Dawson’s movie. Dawson makes fun of Pacey for going home to do his homework, and then tells Jack that Pacey is only smart so he can get some action from his sis. Dawson loves on Jack, and Jack mentions that he has to write a poem about something that is critical to his being for class. Dawson tells him just to open up and listen and the poetry will come pouting out.

beautiful day in the neighbourhood

beautiful day in the neighbourhood

The fake town looks pretty damn good on screen for something a highschooler built in a couple of days, no?


Pacey’s guidance counsellor is shocked to find out that Pacey is not on academic probation…Tells him to keep up the good work and everything. Pacey spins Andie around in gratitude because obvs it is all her doing.

Andie…is that you?

Andie…is that you?

Jack tried to get in on a little bit of the action and Joey is all sour like, PDA Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Joey is happy to see Jack and Dawson not killing each other and she calls Dawson “Hollywood” for making nice to Jack since he built him the best town a high school kid ever made.

The new guy (Ty?) is trying to get it with Jen and she is like back the eff off, bible thumper. He persists and she’s all: philosophical differences, time to give up.

The gang is handing in their poems and Pacey’s teacher makes fun of his poem about cars and says he is going to get 50% knocked off because his penmanship is too messy. Then he makes fun of Jack for sucking in class too, and then FORCES Jack to read his poem in front of the class, though he promised that none of the kids have to read it. Sounds like my little literary teenage self’s worst nightmare. These kids are like the poster children for learned helplessness. I would be all up in administration’s grill so quickly, and they just sit there and take it. Oh, and they make this face.

Pacey no likey

Pacey no likey

Anyways Jack reads a poem about some dude’s lips and runs away crying.

sad Jack

sad Jack

In computers class, Dawson says he wants to get a glance of Joey’s ONLINE HANDLE.

Dawson and Joey overhear some randoms making fun of Jack for crying and writing a poem about a guy/being a homo.

At the Ice House, Dawson takes Joey aside to make sure she is okay with her boyfriend’s penchant for sausage (surprise! She ain’t down).

Pacey and Andie are studying and Pacey gives her shit for not being nice enough to Jack and Andie is like it’s his fault for writing such a gay poem. Pacey is like, well, you better ask him and make sure he isn’t gay for realsies. Andie says she would be disappointed if he were, and Pacey thinks she is a dick, and wah.

Ty is calling Jen for a date so she hangs up on him. Phone rings right away and she hangs up again. Third time. Fuck, get a restraining order, but no, she says be here at 10 on a motherfucking school night. You sure Grams is gonna go for that? Because my mom woulda knocked me in to next wednesday for even asking.

Joey’s sis gives her advice on how to talk to Jack about the homo poem and she takes it, and Jack is like go eff yourself. She is like explain your gay poem and he is all I don’t gotta and you can’t make me. Jack says maybe it was about me, and maybe it was about my brother, but there is nothing gay about that poem and I cried because it just unleashed something in me, and if you don’t like it then dip me in sequins and call me a homo.

Jen and Ty are boozing it at some bar so he can prove to her he is bad enough for her to want to bang. They dance.

Cut to capeside, and people are posting Jack’s poem all over highschool.

Yes, he is...

Yes, he is…

Back in class, that fucking sadistic cock sucker of a teacher continues his assault on a teenage boy and says he has to finish reading his poem. So Pacey grabs in and is like I will read that fucker. FINALLY someone stands up to him and he goes on a rant that he is a bitter lonely old man who only feels good when someone else feels worse, and teach says trying to educate someone as dumb as Pacey is spitting in the face of the educational system, then Pacey spits in his face and storms out.

At the principal’s office, Pacey must apologize or face suspension. They give him the night to think about. Jack is waiting for his turn, and tells Pacey to stop playing the hero and butt out.

Jen and Ty are bantering about he is two different guys at once. He says I am religious, so I can be bad and then get forgiven for it.

Pacey and Andie are in the hall and she is pissed he won’t apologize to the sadist teacher. Ditto for Dawson. Pacey is like I have integrity, unlike the rest of you blonde bitches.


Dramatic music and people staring because someone painted FAG on Jack’s locker. He just opens it like all is good and Joey looks deeply disturbed, and then goes and makes out with him hardcore so people might not believe the spray paint.

Joey has a bad case of the feels

Joey has a bad case of the feels

all betetr

all better

Jack is doing dishes and Andie smiles up at him because now she realizes that it was stupid to be mad at him. Then she is annoyed he is so forgiving of her being a judgmental bitch. She goes on a rant about how hard life is for them and then she cried because his poem is so beautiful and she says no matter if you are gay or not you are my scared brother and I am your scared sister and I love you. Cue a hug.

Sunset as Joey sprints to…Dawson’s house. He is playing dolls in his mini-village (like father like son—remember daddy plays with dolls in the name of restaurant planning?).

Joey wants to talk to Dawson about Jack’s gayness. She can’t ask and Dawson is like that is the gay elephant in the room, so you kinda have to ask him. You have to be honest. SO go hunt an elephant. She says thanks and gives him a kiss on the cheek.

Dawson and Pacey are sitting outside Mr. Mean Teacher’s door, and Pacey is pissed because when asked, Dawson says he wouldn’t have spit in the teacher’s face. Pacey is worried Dawon is ashamed of Pacey, and he is like no dude, not in my life. And Jack is the one on trial for being gay? Huh.

All sorts of serious teachers are staring at Pacey and he apologizes for his bad behaviours, and then goes on a rant that adults don’t always know what is right, and to strip his friend of his dignity is not right.

AND it is night again. Andie finds Pacey on the dock and he is suspended for a week. Which hardly seems fair because he DID apologize for the spitting, but whatever. He’s mad that Andie couldn’t be there for him even though she didn’t agree with his action. Then he is pissed at her for not supporting Jack either. We find out that Pacey thinks it’s his fault that the teacher went after Jack because he couldn’t get to Pacey. And they just keep bickering and he walks away and everyone has the sads.

At the Ice House, Joey asks Jack if he is gay in a ranty way that I suppose any teenage girl would ask her boyfriend if he were gay. They suck some more face. And she asks him to stay away from poetry for a while.

This is mah to be continued face

This is mah to be continued face

The end. Oh and though this one doesn’t say to be continued, it is.

MVA: Pacey (obvs): I should start my saying that I’m more ashamed for what I did in that classroom yesterday than anything I have done in my life. It was dead wrong and I have no case here and I’m sorry. However, I am not now, nor will I ever be, apologetic for its intention. Every day we, the students of Capeside, come to a place where you guys are in charge. You tell us when to arrive, and when to leave, and when to move rooms, and when to eat. You tell us when we’re doing well and when we need to be doing better and we never, ever question it, because we’re afraid to. To question it is to go against the belief that the entire system is built upon. The belief that you guys know what’s right. And I’m not afraid to tell you that what happened in that classroom was not right. To make a student cry, to embarrass him, to strip him of his dignity in front of his classmates, is not right. And while I do respect the system, I do NOT respect men like you, Mr. Peterson, I don’t. I can’t. And I never will. Not after what you did. You have a good afternoon.


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