Dawson’s Creek Revisited: Season 2, Episode 20 – Reunited

There were six in the bed and the little one said...

There were six in the bed and the little one said…

Oh, how cozy. Everyone’s in Dawson’s room watching a movie. He calls attention to how strange it is that they’re all together. Andie’s like, Yeah! Just like St. Elmo’s. Joey, ever the optimist, says, St. Elmo’s from Hell, and then she calls her inappropriate comment “honesty.” Then they start discussing if they’re all really friends or not. Jesus. Count me out of that party.

Apparently this gathering was accidental. Joey and Dawson are a thing, so she’s just always there. Pacey was invited, who invited Andie, who invited Jack. And Jen? Well, she lives there now since Grams gave her the boot for publicly hating on God last episode.

But whatever, a pillow fight erupts, coating Dawson’s bedroom with feathers.

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 11.57.53 PM

Who is going to clean this shit up?

At school, Andie’s sporting a new hair colour and determines Pacey hates it when he has a shocked look on his face. He tries to make plans with her, but she’s busy with school and her off-the-deep-end mom (Didn’t they hire that nurse?) and declines. She’s perusing this bulletin board of activities, which I think is a weird thing to do as you’re turning down dates with your boyfriend because your schedule is too full. She then flips out on Pacey about a textbook and storms off.

Inside the school, Andie is dramatically looking through her locker for that textbook and sees this cute guy staring at her. She smiles. Now, who could this be?

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 12.05.37 AM


Outside, Dawson and Joey are making plans for the weekend. Joey says they’ve watched movies together for the last four Fridays. So is this four weeks after Abby died? Because that’s the night they got back together. And shortly thereafter is when Jen got kicked out. So… four weeks she’s been at Dawson’s so far then? And this is not the main storyline? Yeah, okay.

Anyhoo, Joey says their relationship is predictable because they’ve known each other so long. And it’s their one-month-anniversary. Aha. Yes. Time continuity. I do not take such things for granted in Capeside.

Dawson tells Joey they’re boring and trite people who can’t be spontaneous. Pitch that woo, Dawson. Shit, you’ve had her back for a month, so now’s the right time to get comfortable, obviously. Pee with the door open while you’re at it. Don’t change your socks.

Boring and trite, my ass.

Boring and trite, my ass.

But no, he’s just kidding, he made reservations somewhere nice and says it was supposed to be a surprise until Joey got “persnickety.” She says she’s not persnickety.

No, I think he's right.

No, I think he’s right.

It’s evening now and Jen is sitting outside the Leery house, and Gail is suggesting Jen could call Grams. In my world that’s a hint to patch things up and move out. Jen’s like, n’ah, we have nothing to say to each other, which seems immaterial when you’re two years from graduating high school and expecting to live on the good will of your ex-boyfriend’s mom indefinitely.

Jen says maybe it’d result in her moving back in, but maybe Grams just isn’t mean to be in her life. Uh… you’re a minor, she’s family, and she doesn’t abuse you. Stop freeloading and go home! Gail offers her a girls night in, giving her the daughter treatment, so maybe in her loneliness she’s not looking for Jen to move out.

Mitch and the film teacher are out on a date and she kisses him, and he calls it unexpected. She’s like, we’ve been out on several dates, so things should progress. He calls himself a teenager about this, and if that was their first kiss after all this time, I’m think he’s outta touch, as he’s got teenagers under his old roof who’ve been getting more action than that.

Inside the restaurant, Dawson and Joey show up and there’s no table because despite this Entre Nous being the swishiest place in town, they were unable to grasp the concept of two separate Leery parties. Mitch and Dawson spot each other and we all know where this is going.

A dinner... with my dad? ...and his DATE? dun dun dun!

A dinner… with my dad?
…and his DATE?
dun dun dun!

Now over to Andie, who is not studying at all. She’s in therapy. The therapist says she’s going through complicated grief for her brother, triggered by the loss of her beloved friend Abby Morgan. Uh…

The therapist asks if she’s hallucinated seeing Abby again and Andie says no. She then tells Andie she may need meds for her anxiety again because something in her may not be healing properly– is that something you should say to someone suffering from anxiety? And hang on now. Who was that guy she saw in the hall? Dude, was that her dead brother Tim?

Andie leaves the therapist’s office and gets into her car. And there’s that guy sitting in there and since Andie’s not scared, I’m going with it being Tim. He asks if Andie told the therapist about him, which you’d think a hallucination would know. She says no, then flips out and starts sobbing in imaginary Tim’s arms (They haven’t said it’s him, but let’s be serious, it totally is.)

But, actually, all I can think of is how much this look to anyone who’s seeing her sobbing and cuddling no one in the car?

First rule about seeing people who aren't there is don't talk about Fight Club.

First rule about seeing people who aren’t there is don’t talk about Fight Club.

At the Leery house, Jen is asking Gail personal questions about her failed marriage and lonely Mrs. Leery is going for it. She says you can’t connive love, it has to come to you. Jen asks if she’s going to take that job in Philadelphia and Gail says she’s waiting on a sign. Does the network know that? I’m going to hazard a guess that fancy media jobs don’t stay available indefinitely while you find yourself.

But never mind that, the pot roast’s burning.

At the restaurant, a very awkward meal is happening for reasons I don’t fully understand. You’d think Dawson and Joey would have just gone somewhere else. But they’re all together and the film teacher, Nicole, is suggesting she call up one of her many contacts for Dawson to intern in Hollywood over the summer. Dawson’s not having it and asks, “Isn’t that the city you said would, and I quote, eat me for breakfast?”

And the conversation goes downhill from there, and Dawson’s like, you thought my film was shit until you started dating my dad and now you want to help me go to Hollywood? And she’s like, well, there are other kinds of jobs there, and he’s all, so you don’t think I’m creative then, got it.

A waiter comes to take their order and Joey wants a private word with Dawson. I’m thinking she’s going to suggest going somewhere else like a normal person, but nope! She wants to stay at the fancy restaurant, and tells Dawson he’s putting his petty feelings ahead of their nice night. Classic supportive Joey.

Just as Dawson agrees to be nice to his unsupportive film teacher who’s dating his dad, Gail and Jen walk in. Is this the only place in town?

At Andie’s house, she and Pacey are watching something in her room and she leaves to get something to drink. She’s in her pyjamas. The romance is officially over. She runs into her hallucination in the kitchen and starts telling him off for being late, because not even her own visions are safe from her nagging. She tells him to beat it.

Upstairs in her room, Pacey sees a photo album, flips through it briefly and then leaves the room and takes the album with him. He sets the album on a table and hears Andie talking. She’s asking Tim if Pacey really needs to know about him. But then she calls him Bran? Bram? Okay, so it’s not Tim…?

Pacey rushes in and sees no one there. He looks about as confused as you’d expect.



At the restaurant, Joey meets up with Jen at the bar and informs her of the situation. Jen thinks this looks like an opportunity for something other than a gong show.

Dawson sits down with his dad and he’s aware his ex-wife just walked in. Dawson’s trying to talk to him about his mom’s job offer in Philadelphia (Which, again, I may add has been on the table over a month now for some reason) and Mitch is like, that has nothing to do with me. I’m wondering how the custodial parent of your only child moving to another city can have nothing to do with you, but moving on. Dawson implores him to work on his marriage.

Going by the name of the episode, I’d say his chances are as good as any.

Gail and Nicole, both in the bathroom, flush and leave the stalls at the same time. Womp womp. They have an awkward greeting and Gail says she’s going to go. Then Nicole, being an insufferable smug ass, goads her into leaving to “be fair to Mitch.” Gail then decides to stay and make the evening more uncomfortable for everyone.

Rule 1: Always make sure to stick it to the ex-wife to boost your own self esteem and relieve your insecurities.

Rule 1: Always make sure to stick it to the ex-wife to boost your own self esteem and relieve your insecurities.

Though, thinking on it, Nicole is the common denominator in each of these social disasters, so Team Gail.

At Andie’s house, Pacey’s thinking she was on the phone with some other guy. Andie’s like, no I wasn’t! And when he pushes her to tell him who she was talking to, she screams none of your business!! Pacey, showing far more patience for mood swings and irrational behaviour than your average teenage boy, now thinks she’s having a mental breakdown.

And Andie takes offence to this because usually people in the middle of a psychotic break aren’t terribly logical. He then wants to know about the photo album. It’s full of family pictures he’s never seen and wants to know why she’s looking through it. She again says it’s none of his business (Typically when you’re in an exclusive romantic and sexual relationship with someone, your mental state is totally their business). He points out her new ‘do looks like it did in the photos, and she’s brushing it off.

She swipes the album back in a rage and destroys a lamp. Not the first time she’s broken shit with her flailing. She leaves the mess, says he can stay there if he wants, but she’s going to bed. Maybe I’m cynical, but that sounds like a passive aggressive way to get him to clean up the lamp shards. Pacey bends down to look at an old photo and, yeah, the guy is totally Tim.

I suppose he could just be haunting her.

I suppose he could just be haunting her.

At the restaurant, they found a table for Gail because she’s a local celebrity. Jen’s probing for personal information about the Leery’s marriage and asks if they had a song.

A bottle of wine from an anonymous source gets sent to the foursome and Mitch looks over at Gail, assuming it was from her. Nicole is going on about films being shitty these days and asks Dawson to promise when he’s a big deal he won’t make crap movies. Dawson bites his tongue. But then Joey calls her out for being a phoney and says she’s persnickety.

At Andie’s place, Jack walks in and Pacey is, yes, cleaning up the mess. Well played, Andie. Jack wants to know what happened. Pacey tells him they had a fight and then they compare notes. Pacey says it sounded like she was talking to some guy named “Brown.” Ah. Since she’s such a closed-mouth talker, it was hard to make out.

Jack looks freaked. Andie comes down the stairs and says outright that it was her name for Tim. Jack and Pacey keep cool. She’s like, Tim’s real! I’m not crazy! And then she crazily runs into bathroom and slams the door.

Back at Entre Nous, Nicole is STILL hogging all the air time, talking film like a giant bore, and Joey starts needling her to talk about how much she hates Dawson’s film and discuss how untalented he is. Mitch, makes a weak attempt to halt the conversation, but let’s it go.

Nicole says you should have the right dream because not everyone has the potential to hit it big. Dawson says, well, you work in a high school in the middle of nowhere so who are you to judge shit? Nicole’s like, well, then fine, don’t listen to me then. Mitch then pipes in, apparently only now realizing he’s been dating a woman who’s been trashing his son’s dreams, and questions her teaching methods.

Nicole says she’s being realistic and life has mean bites. And then Joey, queen of all things hostile and bitter, says the word for people who focus on mean bites is– wait for it– bitter. Pot, kettle, the pleasure is all mine.

Nicole, realizing Mitch isn’t coming to her defence, gets out of there. Dawson wants a word with Joey. He asks why he wasn’t allowed to rip into his teacher but Joey was. Jen pops in and says “operation reunited” is underway. The maitre’d walks by and says the wine made it to its location. Are minors allowed to send wine at restaurants?

Mitch approaches Gail and sits with her. Their song is now playing and they get up for a dance. I’d just like to point out I’ve never been to a restaurant that had dancing. I only ever see this in the movies or on TV.

Mitch thanks her for the wine and says he appreciated the gesture. Gail sees the kids staring at them, catches on and goes with it, calling herself Miss Maturity. They start talking in coded language about Philadelphia, how Dawson will miss her, how she will miss Dawson, how Dawson’s not good at expressing how he feels (Pfft).

The song ends, they go back to their respective tables and Nicole is like, yeah, this sucks.

Probably shouldn't have been such a dick in the bathroom.

Probably shouldn’t have been such a dick in the bathroom.

In the bathroom at Andie’s house, she’s seeing her dead brother in the mirror and screaming at him while Pacey and Jack are working on the door. Pacey’s asking if she’s seeing Tim, and Andie breaks the mirror.

Pacey’s now trying to talk Andie down, and Dead Tim’s trying to turn Andie against him. He’s like, you have to choose. Then Pacey’s catches on when Andie says she can’t choose, and he’s like, no, you have to! Well, this is pretty hard ball to be playing with the mentally ill.

He gives an impassioned speech about his love for her, and how he’s not giving up on her. And she chooses Pacey. But call me a pessimist, I don’t think that’s how you cure hallucinations.

Jack and Pacey put her to bed, and then discuss what’s to be done. Jack wants to call their awful dad to pay for some professional help and Pacey wonders if she just needs some time, no doubt feeling like a superhero after winning out against a ghost. Jack’s like, no man, I’ve seen this before with my mom. We’re making some calls.

Jen and Gail are walking outside and Gail’s decided to stay in Capeside because she feels like she and Mitch have a chance. But then there’s Mitch stroking Nicole’s hair, even after that horrible date. Nicole must be desperate and Mitch must be smooth for this to be happening right now. Gail runs off.

I'm so attracted to the way you think my son is a hack.

I’m so attracted to the way you think my son is a hack.

Joey and Dawson are in the row boat and they’re making out, and Joey wants to know if he intended for them to get it on. He sort of says maybe and they talk about sex. Dawson’s thinking yay and Joey’s saying nay. But Joey says she’s thought about it, and that’s enough to make Dawson happy for now, although he wants to dissect what she means to smithereens. He starts rowing. What the fuck happened to that speedboat from first season?



The episode ends with Andie and Pacey talking about what’s going to happen now, how Pacey won’t leave her, and they hug it out. Gotta say, things ain’t looking too good.

Most Verbose Articulation: Dawson- “Not 10 minutes after you want me to start practicing a bit of decorum, you start pushing every button at that table.”


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