Dawson’s Creek Revisited: Season 2, Episode 20 –Ch…Ch…Changes

Dawson is writing an essay on something…no wait, maybe his script? He does the thing where he pulls on his hair and puts his hands behind his ears like his brains are on fire.

liar liar brains on fire

liar liar brains on fire

Okay, pan to Joey and we find out that it’s his film final. He wants to know about her arc, and starts filming, flirting blah blah.

Cue the hey hey hey yeah and sweaters on the beach.

And some swans for good measure…

random stuff random stuff

random stuff random stuff

WTF happened to Andie’s hair?

sorry andie, not feeling the hair

sorry andie, not feeling the hair

And her Dad showed up and that’s a big surprise and she says you’re not welcome here. Dad is like yeah, well I know you see dead people btw. Andie’s like, all good now, bye bye papa. Turns out Jack tattled on her, and now Dad’s packing her up so she can be supervised and HE’S NOT ASKING.

Dawson wants Jen to talk about the changes she has gone through this year. I would put bad, bad hair at the top of that list. Then got the school cunt drunk and watched her drown. NBD. She starts crying and SHE IS TALKING ABOUT HER HAIR I swear I could write for this piece of shit show…hey wait…

you would cry too if it happened to you

you would cry too if it happened to you

Dawson bugs Joey to be in his movie again.

Now he’s asking Pacey. Pacey bears his soul and has a little cry because Andie pulled him up out of the muck and he can’t do shit for her. Andie immediately lets him know that Daddy is taking her away. Cry cry cry. Platitudes here and there. Stand up for yourself, my dearest mental patient. But he wants to leave tomorrow. No, I’m a teenager, I will tell him what we want and that will be good says Pacey. OK, Pacey, good plan.

Who is more interesting, pacey or cat?

Who is more interesting, pacey or cat?

Jack and Jen chit chatting on the shore. Jack feels bad for calling daddykins, Jen says you did the right thing. Andie needs help and you might make up with daddy-o. Then he wants to know if she will every make up with grandma or go home to New York or if she will just keep sponging off the Leerys.

Looks like Joey and her Dad are fixing up the Ice House so it’s less of a shithole. I wonder how they are paying the bills since the business is closed and they’re poor, but whatever. Dawson meets “Pete”, who Joey’s dad met in the Marines. Dawson wants to interview Joey’s dad as a most changed man for his film final and he hands Dawson a level and he is like “WTF is this thing?”

Pacey is bitching about Jack’s dad and how quickly he is taking away his precious mental girlfriend. Then dad walks in and is like shut your pie hole, she’s coming with me. Pacey is like since when do you give a rat’s ass? And dad is like, you are being selfish, 15 year old. Pacey is like, hell yeah, but let her stay. Dad says nuh uh. Pacey makes a sad face.

Jen calls her mom to float the idea of coming home.

mummy mummy

mummy mummy

Cut to a scene of Dawson smashing his hand with a hammer to increase the dramatic tension. Joey is basically banging Dawson in front of her dad, and then dad comes over and is like that is one shit-looking table you built there.

tickets to the gun show

tickets to the gun show

Now Dawson is interviewing Joey’s Dad, who “LITERALLY” thought he would die of shame when he went to jail or got poor or, no wait, cheated on his wife on her deathbed. Joey didn’t like this conversation.

Back at the McPhee’s, Jack is like, hey Dad, if you are so worried, why don’t you come here instead of uprooting our lives? Dad’s like hmm, no, not feeling it. I’d prefer not to disrupt my own shit. And THEN he tells Jack he needs therapy for his “gay ideas”.

Pacey and Andie have a really long discussion on whether or not they should go out on a date. Verdict: yes.

More interview with the bad father. Joey walks in the middle of the shot and asks Dad to take someone dinner just when he’s about to start talking about the marijuana. Joey says turn the camera on yourself and Dawson says he’s too afraid and for some reason he thinks if he does his project on himself Joey will leave him. Totally sound logic.

Andie is happy now because Dad said maybe she could stay, but now maybe she wants to go. Because she is so batty, and she should maybe go get better so she can be a better friend and girlfriend. And she also thinks Jack should stay because he is happy and she wants him to be selfish for once.

Jen was going to say goodbye to Grams, but she wusses out and instead says goodbye to the porch.

this b roll is more like c or d  roll

this b roll is more like c or d

More Dawson and Mr. Potter bonding. You can see Dawson is really working because his face is dirty. Joey comes out and they are fucking happy as hell and equally annoying.

Jack tells Dad he is staying. Dad is like, damn, if I was a better dad maybe you wouldn’t be gay, and I think you don’t have to stay that way. Just choose to stop being gay, son.

Pacey and Andie are on their date and they go to where they first danced and first kissed and talk about how deliriously happy they were on that day…even though they hated each other. They dance again and make stupid awkward voices at each other. Then she cries and is like, Pacey, I have to go get better. She cries more and says no goodbyes and I wonder if I was suffering from serious mental deficiencies as a teen because I bet I sang and cried right along with Andie and wanted to be a romantic and tragic little mental patient myself.

Joey is in pyjamas that look like old windows. And I think Dawson built her a surprise piece of fence. LIKE A WHITE PICKET FENCE. Dawson is gonna be all up in her front yard all summer he says.

Jen is at the bus station and Jack runs up to say goodbye. Turns out Jen’s mom said thanks but no thanks, so that’s not where she is going. Jack tells her that her parents should love her, but it sucks worse for them than it does for her. He crumples up her ticket and is like you gonna be my new roommate teardrop.

Dawson is at the restaurant and Joey’s dad is looking at a giant bag of, like, crack or something hidden in a vase.

big ole bag o crack

big ole bag o crack

Joey strolls in and they make out and she is like “what’s wrong?” Dawson says “Nothing…” and she buys it.



my mouth says nothing by my eyebrow says….

my mouth says nothing by my eyebrow says….

Jack hugs Andie as she leaves and Dad does a mini-speech about not being a good dad. Pacey comes to look at Andie one last time and to tell her thank you for making me a worthy human being. Then he kisses her on the forehead and is like enjoy your lobotomy, check ya on the other side.

Jack and Pacey watch them drive away.

Dawson talks about arcs on film and how not everyone has one. But how love is change and cut to Joey passed out in her homework.

last known survivor

last known survivor

MVA goes to: who gives a shit really, because no one even read this far.


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