Dawson’s Creek Revisited: Season 3, Episode 19 –Stolen Kisses


Because Joey and the Dawson are going to spend this break at his Auntie’s house. Pacey shows up with this week’s soon-to-be-forgotten extra, Will. They fill in his backstory: playground pal who came to see his dear friend Pacey. Pacey and Will are coming on the trip, and Andie toddles over and she is coming too.

Don't get attached

Don’t get attached

Pacey and Joey are awks as hell so I take it there has been no more nookie.


The Dawson restaurant is way busy. Jen and Mushroom Cut Henry canoodle at the table. One of the waitresses walks right up to Jen and starts fantasizing about Jen’s boyfriend. Rather than mention this tidbit, Jen lets her go full graphic and then sends her away.



At some diner, the group helps establish Will’s character some more. Will thinks Salinger is a god. Then they give Auntie’s backstory. She is a total hipster artist who does YOGA(!) and everything.

At the restaurant, some lady with big hair lets the Dawsons know she is recently widowed. For this reason, Momma Dawson doesn’t want to tell her about their decimated marriage.

she looks like an actual cow licked her hair

she looks like an actual cow licked her hair

Dawson arrives at his aunt’s house and she is rocking out and painting and being too cool to actually be a grown up. Also, apparently they have started calling Jack “Jackers” on the reg.



There’s nowhere for Pacey and Joey to sleep so they need to share a bed—whaaaa?

In the morning Pacey and Joey are totally about to have a moment, but then Auntie enthusiasm calls the “sleepyheads” down for breakfast.

Andie is her usual cunt self at the breakfast table.

The Dawsons talk about their dead friend in the kitchen while some guy in a chef hat does some work.

Jen don’t like sharing her man with the waitress. Rather than say anything Jen assigns the waitress double work. Mushroom Cut calls her on her blinding jealousy and she is like no. ways.




The gang ropes in some pool sharks by continuously missing shots, and knocking the balls off the table. And I SWEAR TO GAWD every single show of this era had to do a pool episode.

90s pool shark

90s pool shark

90s pool shark

90s pool shark

Dawson and Joey give Auntie the DL on their relationship status. Of course Joey name drops Pacey. And everyone is like, what does he have to do with anything?

Will figures out the smart way of shutting Andie up

(Hint: It’s $$)

Well-framed shot of Dawson and Joey having yet another heart-to-heart. Then Joey has a heart-to-heart with the Auntie.

nice shot

nice shot

At the restaurant, Henry runs to Jen to tell her that the waitress “offered him sex”. Jen gets pissed at him, and tells him to go ahead and make a million babies with her.

Andie has a heart-to-heart with Will on the deck. PS He’s poor or his dad beats his mom or something sad.

Dawsons are having further relationship discussions as their staff toil in the kitchen.

FINALLY Jen tells the slut girl that Mushroom Cut is her man, and the whole restaurant is like what just happened?

Andie sings the worst karaoke ever and Pacey comes in a close second. Then Joey and Dawson sing Daydream Believer together and Pacey looks pissy and leaves.

THEN Joey and Pacey have a heart to heart. PS She’s like into him as well.

He threatens to kiss her and gives her 10 seconds to stop him. She makes a really scary face. Then they kiss. Auntie Dawson clears her throat really loud. Because she is Team Dawson for obvious reasons. She tells Joey to tell Dawson the truth.

Now Andie and Pacey are having a heart-to-heart. PS She likes Will.

Mushroom Cut finds Jen in like a giant storage closet or something. She is crying, which makes her feel like a girl. The kid explains to her that being jealous is kinda human and she is sad because he is breaking down all of her walls and whatever. They kiss and make up.

The Dawsons watch their wedding video. I think maybe the dead guy was on the tape or something? They hold hands and then dance. So who knows if that means they are together or they still love each other or they are good friends. It’s to Daydream Believer, I guess, so the Creek can get the most mileage out of the song after paying for the rights?

Joey is going to tell Dawson she wants to bang his bestie, but then Auntie barges in with a painting she made of Dawson and Joey as tots. DAYDREAM BELIEVER AGAIN.

Joey sits with Pacey by the fire and he says he won’t kiss her again. He wants to know how she feels and they have a heart-to-heart. He says she doesn’t like him as much as he likes her and then she kisses him.

make out face

make out face


They must have really forked out on that song.

I need to swap out MVA for MOST AWESOME ARTICULATION–Pacey: “Joey get in bed. And while you’re at it, get over yourself!”


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