Dawson’s Creek Revisited: Season 3, Episode 23 – True Love

APPARENTLY Momma Dawson has no friends so JOEY is her maid of honour. OMG please do not let this be a wedding episode. I can feel my PTSD from past wedding experiences twitching close to surface.


Pacey is getting ready to take off on his boat. Doug is giving him a big bro pep-talk, suggesting he tell Joey he is taking off and giving her a chance to love him.

Jen and Jack are bantering when Henry walks up. Jen is scary, and they both try to communicate through Jack and he wants them to grow up and gives voice to all the stupid subtext.

Jen says she is sorry that they ever met and storms away…for two steps. Then Mushroom Cut gives up.

Andie comes to Dawson’s house and asks Dawson to sign her yearbook in her pre-determined location. She is trying to get Pacey and Dawson back together.

sign here please

sign here please

Joey is driving a truck which looks super weird to me for some reason. Doug pulls her over for going BELOW the speed limit. He issues a “warning” … that Pacey is leaving for Florida for 3 months.

nice wheels

nice wheels

Joey stalks Pacey at the grocery store. He offers her a bite of his chocolate bar (I think it might be a three musketeers, which is pretty much the king of candy).  He doesn’t really get to enjoy his candy, because he has to hash it out with Joey instead. He rails on her for never painting that stupid wall.

Wedding rehearsal crap. Dawson snarks at Joey that she can go to Pacey’s goodbye party if she would prefer. He expresses surprise that she is just going through the motions with a scowl on her face. Has he met her?

Grams and the gang are having a goodbye party, and all the teens are kvetching over how hard they have it. Grams tells a story about her young love that was not Gramps who died in the Korean war. She says she acted on her heart’s impulse, and has no regrets, but this group of losers can’t say the same.

i've seen some action

i’ve seen some action

go on ...

go on …

Back at the party, Dawson finds Joey and insists he doesn’t want to fight, even though if they quit doing that, who knows what they will talk about because that is kinda what they do. Joey tells him that it’s his fault she dumped Pacey because he deserves to know that.

In the car Jen is sulking because of what Gram’s said and now she wants Henry. Grams pulls a U-turn and knocks over a bunch of garbage and says Jen has to get on that bus and tell him how she feels.

At the staring wall, Joey sees someone has painted it with “ASK ME TO STAY”. Pacey saunters over drinking a litre of juice. His face is completely mangled so I wonder what the hell happened in the last episode (Somehow I wonder if Dawson might have been involved). Or he survived a werewolf attack. Who knows-ies?

what the hell happened last week?

what the hell happened last week?

UGH the wedding. The Dawsons loved each other before they knew each other. And I can’t even.

Oh look, Pacey came to lurk at the wedding!

The rest of the gang has been driving all night to catch Henry and I wonder if Grams is going to jail for kidnapping.

Jen tries to run into the john to find Henry. But, he’s just standing by a tree, so no urinal shots. Jen strides up to him in front of all the boys and she has a big speech and outs him for being a virgin in front of the whole team and then they all applaud as they kiss and this is such a weird episode.

Back at the wedding Joey tells Pacey she can’t give him a reason to stay. Pacey’s face is suddenly healed btw. Dawson and Pacey have an ugly few moments.

Back at the football bus Jen feels like a happy idiot, and the gang can continue on the carpe diem roadtrip. Jack must go to Boston to win back his gay love (Grams is cool with all this, OK?)

Joey and Dawson are dancing while Joey tries not to cry which feels a tad bit rapey.

this is … nice

this is … nice

In BOSTON, Jack runs up to explain that he can be gay with this gay dude and then he smooches him. In front of his boyfriend. Who for some reason doesn’t kill Jack, but instead gives them some privacy.

At the ole wedding, Dawson is giving a toast for his parents’ do-over marriage and says he’s glad he finally gets to be in the wedding pics.

Joey tells Dawson he had a beautiful speech. Then he tells her to go to Pacey because he is tired of standing in her way.




Joey takes off running after Pacey as Dawson crumples in a heap on the bridge.

Dawson so sad

Dawson so sad

Jack tells his dad all about his gay problems and he does a decent job of not being a homophobe. Jack crumples into a ball on the floor. Dad says he is glad sonny boy is gay.

Jack so sad

Jack so sad

Dawson is skulking around and Jen and Andie and “Jack Attack” are all in Dawson’s bed to “Cheer him up”


Joey is running so hard her shirt is flapping in the wind.

hulk want pacey

hulk want pacey

Pacey is being a whiney little bitch while Joey gives a big speech that ends with “I think I’m in love with you.” Then Pacey makes her change it to “I know”.

She wants to come on his boat trip instead of help her sister stave off bankruptcy and so they make out. She doesn’t bother telling anyone she’s leaving or grabbing a spare pair of panties and they are sailing off into the sunset together. Yes. Literally.

buh bye

buh bye



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