Dawson’s Creek Revisited: Season 4, Episode 1 – Coming Home

Opening shot, Joey and Pacey are actually on this sailing trip over the summer. Joey’s sick of eating fish. And she’s surprised Capeside on the horizon doesn’t look any different than it did when they left– three months ago. Pacey alludes to them taking odd jobs all summer. Uh…? So two minors sailed off and no one said boo and strangers hired them for short-term shit in random towns off the coast? Whatever, man.

Typical teenage boat life

Typical teenage boat life

Pacey then suggests just not going home. Who needs a high school education when you can brave life on a boat and eat fish? They then jump off the boat fully clothed.


At the beach, Jen and Andie are talking Survivor with Jack and Dawson takes their picture with an actual film camera as people were wont to do back in the day. Jack and Dawson have been painting houses this summer and run off to buy supplies. Andie spots two guys she thinks are cute and Jen mocks her and says she’s too chicken shit to talk to them.

Pacey and Joey dock and talk about what to tell people if they’re asked if they had sex on the boat. These are 17-year-olds who are in love and lived together on a boat for three months. Sex is not assumed?

They then talk big about needing space, but then make out so, no, not really.

At the hardware store, Dawson has a run-in with some shapely girl he seems to know. She’s taking a break from college and that’s about all we know. Jack wants to know who she is, Dawson doesn’t say and Jack says he’ll keep bugging him.

At the Potter house– hey, aren’t these assholes supposed to be “the poor family?” Look at that fucking adorable house on the water.

This is where poor people live.

This is poverty, people.

Bess wants to know if Pacey and Joey knocked boots. Joey’s not giving up the answer, though I’m starting to think she didn’t give up the goods. Christ, if you’re not going to have sex on a wild summer adventure with the man you love, then when?

Also, turns out Bess rented out Joey’s room for the summer, and she seems shocked. Well, that’s what happens when you abandon the family business to go fuck off (or not fuck off) at sea.

Also, the B&B under Bess’ management is wildly successful. Probably the loss of Joey’s scowling face did the place a world of good.

Back at the beach, Andie’s talking to those guys and turns out they’re French, barely speak English and want a tour of Capeside. Andie’s in a bikini and while she’s in great shape, there’s something about her that looks decidedly… not young. I dunno, gravity seems to be at play here. I’m gonna look up how old she was when this was made.

Holy shit, she was 30, which makes her roughly the same age as Bess. Wait, have I talked about this before? Oh, who knows.

At Doug Whitter’s house, Pacey’s being kicked out because their sister Gretchen is moving in. Yes, Pacey has an older sister they’ve never mentioned before now, and it’s the girl from the hardware store. And that actress is also younger than Andie.

Joey arrives at Dawson’s house. I should mention she’s wearing one of those tops so popular around the millennium, the patch of fabic held together in the back with strings? She lets herself into the Leery house like she always does, only she uses the front door for once.

She walks through the house calling everyone’s name when etiquette would suggest just ringing the doorbell and going home. She goes into Dawson’s room and sees a complete redecoration, including many framed photos that he took of his friends this summer. So Capeside is still the same, but Dawson isn’t. During this B&E session there’s some very emotive music playing.

At the house they’re painting, Dawson is telling Jack about his first crush, Gretchen, and how he used to leave tokens of his love on her porch and how it turned out to be the family joke.

At Doug’s place he’s telling Pacey that Gretchen has nowhere else to go, but that he can go live on his boat. I’m going to unequivocally say that booting out a high school student to live on his own on a boat is an epic family fail. (Uh, and when winter hits?) They also suggest their alcoholic abusive father where they may be a couch available. What is wrong with these people? Well, it’s making a lot of sense why at least he was able to sail off this summer without anyone saying shit. These are terrible older siblings.

They suggest the Potter B&B and Pacey says he won’t impose on that family and Gretchen says, yeah, why impose on them when you have your own family to impose on? I literally don’t get this. He’s a minor! He’s in high school! He’s allowed to expect a place to live provided for him by his family. Shit, these two are assholes. And Doug is making this smirk. WTF?

At Jen’s house, she’s saying Henry now lives in a boarding school and Grams disapproves of long distance because youth is about living the here and now. Rock on, Grams. And without saying a word about fornication, she welcomes Joey back and leaves.

Jen wants to know if Joey had some sex and Joey gets sarcastic and Jen drops it. I don’t get the secrecy. This was the sort of thing I told my friends about. Teenagers are chatty that way. Joey wants to know if everyone is ok, and Jen assures her everyone is fine. Then Jen tells Joey they all have plans tonight and she needs to come.

Meanwhile, Andie is giving an incredibly boring tour to those poor French guys.

Blah blah blah!

Blah blah blah!

They say some stereotypical French things and Andie is all wooed.

In a dark room– wow, I guess Dawson’s now really into photography now– he’s ill at ease about Joey’s return. Jen tells him to pull up his socks and face the music. He says Jen is responsible for the best summer of his life.

Oh, and there’s the Leerys getting it on in the living room– whoa, the dark room is in their house. Dawson has a dark room in his home. This kid has complete creative licence to do what he wants in life.

At the Potter B&B, Joey is shucking corn into the creek and Pacey stops by and asks to crash on the couch, to which Joey says no because she has to crash on the couch until Tuesday. Pacey says he doesn’t think the town missed them that much. Joey invites him to come along to the Dive-In, and says it’s important to “square things away” with Dawson.

Turns out the Dive-In is like a drive-in only with boats and stuff at the beach.

Andie is still boringly picking up those French guys who can’t tell how annoying she is.

Dawson sees Pacey has come too.

“I thought you said he wasn’t going to be here, Jen.”
“He wasn’t, Dawson.”
“Then why is he here, Jen?”
“Good question, Dawson.”

Pacey goes to get some drinks to calm the situation down, while Dawson effectively flees. Jack and Jen then try to make everyone behave themselves.

Pacey meets up with his sister and they have a chat. She saw the Pacey/Joey paring coming, although how when she’s been gone for his whole high school life, I’m not sure.

Joey wants to make small talk with Jack till Dawson comes over to talk to her.



Jen eventually talks Dawson into having that first chit chat. And they have some light airy talk. Pacey watches from afar. More airy talk. Dawson leaves and needs to take a minute to recover.

Andie finds out her preferred French boy has a girlfriend, and the one who doesn’t speak any English in fact speaks perfect English and has understood everything she’s said all day.

Pacey is saying they need to go, and Joey’s like, no, what if I’m having fun? (She’s totally not having fun). And they bicker and Joey launches a ton of names at him like asinine and childish and immature. She then tells him he didn’t have to come, ignoring the fact he just got booted out of his home and save his boat is technically homeless. But then Joey’s never been known for being supportive to her boyfriends.

They argue some more about Dawson and Joey’s commitment, I think, and Pacey storms off.

Back to Andie and the English-speaker wants to kiss her. I don’t understand her appeal. Andie is awful.

Dawson gives Joey a ride home and drops her off at her place. They talk a bit about his photography and she apologizes for running off with Pacey. She says Dawson’s the only one who hasn’t asked if she had sex, and Dawson’s like, well, the answer could kill me.

She then offers him the gift of a brick from Ernest Hemmingway’s house. Can you buy those? Did she steal it? WTF? She then gives a pretentious explanation of what the brick means. Whatever, Joe, sometimes a brick is just a brick.

He tells her it’s going to take more than symbolic masonry to repair their friendship, and Joey looks bummed she can’t just smooth things out with weird presents.

Before she goes in the house she basically tells Dawson she didn’t sleep with Pacey. Lame. Also, now he’s going to want reassurances down the road that this abstinence is ongoing. Throwing the guy a bone is almost meaner somehow.

She then goes to meet Pacey and gives a convoluted apology for being emotionally distant.

After they make up she asks to do “that thing we do once in awhile.” Sounds sexy!

Turns out it’s reading A Little Mermaid on the boat in hammocks.


Chastity on the open seas.

Chastity on the open seas.

Also, the interior of that boat looks way bigger than it ought to be.

MVA: Pacey. “Was that a note of disgust I detect of our sustenance off the ocean-born?”


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