Dawson’s Creek Revisited: Season 4, Episode 6 – Great Xpectations

Everyone rallies around Andie as she opens a letter that says she got in to Harvard. Well, Jen and Jack do. They are super excited for her, and she looks a bit panicked.

We are back at the CD store (where do teens congregate now that music is purchased on phones etc?)! One of the unmemorable new female characters (who I think is supposed to be the gang’s age, but looks much older) recommends MORCHEEBA to Dawson. Man, I loved Morcheeba! I wonder if knowing they were mentioned on Dawson’s Creek would have ruined it for me (Yes. Yes, it probably would have).

Anyway, the new girl wants him to come to a Capeside rave.

Andie complains to Jack that she doesn’t feel anything about her acceptance, so he suggests they go to the rave. Naturally.

Jen at the computer: You’ve got mail! Drue invites her to the rave again and she threatens his life. They fight over whether she should do drugs. Maybe Jen should watch that commercial with the egg again:

Dawson comes home and finds out that mom isn’t flushing his new baby brother down the toilet so the Dawsons all have a big group hug to celebrate. I wonder if women having babies at that age (what is she, like forty, maybe?) was as common as it is now. I didn’t think so but I don’t think as a teen I was paying much attention to what the grownups were doing.

Andie and Jen talk about a complicated-sounding thing where some kids get fake directions or something if they aren’t really invited to the party. Andie is wearing a very interesting crochet tank.



Jen whips the ecstasy out of her underwear drawer and make a real serious face when Andie confirms it isn’t aspirin. Jen tells her why taking E is so much fun and how happy you feel And she drops a very obvious Plath reference so I am content for the moment.

Then Andie asks to see the drugs,and then she smells them. They are having a real intense fucked-up teen girl moment where soft music plays in the background. Then Jack shows up and starts climbing around on the swings like a monkey. Andie won’t hand Jen the drugs back “in case Jack sees”. This don’t sound good.

Dawson and new girl buy tickets to the rave in a back alley while Joey and Pacey wait in the car. Dawson tells her how excited he is that his parents are birthing him a sibling.

Jack, Jen and Andie pull up to the rave. Andie confesses to Jen that she gobbled down one of the pills.

The rest of the gang shows up at the same time while Drue tries to shit disturb. Somehow this group of nerds managed to get the correct address.

There are louts of wigs and lights and goggles and weird jewel makeup.



Oh, the new girl is Gretchen!

Joey grills her if she wants to hook up with Dawson Then she finds Pacey sitting on a floral couch where he complains about the tuneless music like one of the Golden Girls.

Gretch checks in with Dawson to make sure there is no torch.

Andie shows up sucking on a lollipop and tells Joey off for dumping Dawson and confesses her undying love for Pacey. Then she takes off with Drue to go bounce (like actually. On a big bouncey castle that looks like King Kong).

Andie starts seeing all these psychedelic lights and then collapses. Jack screams “somebody help us” and takes her to the waiting medics, and Jen is forced to admit she took ecstasy. Jack tells Jen it should be her in the ambulance and pulls away.

Drue gets serious and takes Jen home. He suggests that maybe her friends shouldn’t ice her the way they did and she slams a door in his face.

The gang is at the E.R. where Andie is stable and Jack sobs because she could have died.

Pacey wants to stay at the hospital and sends Joey home. I’m sure that won’t cause any self-doubt for the Joe-ster.

Pacey and the McPhees have a moment.

Dawson and Joey have a moment as a female remix of Fields of Gold swells in the background. They plan how their infant siblings will row across the creek to each other once those two are gone. And Dawson takes another run at getting back together and it is unfortunate.

Best line goes to: Jen: “Andie! Petting Joey, not a good way to keep a low profile.”


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