Dawson’s Creek Revisited: Season 4, Episode 7 – You Had Me At Goodbye

This is it, folks. I think this is when Andie finally leaves.

But we’ll get to that. Right now Joey is talking to an enthusiastic guidance counsellor or some equivalent about her college applications. She needs some peer recommendation for a certain school. Is that a thing? And is it just me or do American universities require a lot of hoop jumping? In Canada, you go to school, get good grades in your grade 11/12 years and then apply to university and wait to hear back. Why does a school need some random asshole to say you’re worth a shot?

Also, I wonder who Joey’s random asshole will be. While she ponders this, she makes duck face.



Also, there’s a flagrant Rock The Vote poster in the background. Which is a real thing. Wonder how much that cost to get on TV.

Anyhow, the counsellor gets Joey to visualize who knows her the best, which is silly because everyone knows a real guidance counsellor would just tell you to get that shit done, or not, whatever.


Pacey’s at Andie’s and she’s nervous about going back to school after her bad drug experience. And she’s wondering why everyone is blaming Jen. Which is a good question because Andie effectively stole the drugs. She wants to call Jen and Pacey’s like, meh, just move on.

At the old man’s house, can’t remember this fart’s name at present, he’s giving Dawson shit about the house painting job not being up to snuff. Also he wants his fence painted. And no, he doesn’t care that Dawson’s losing time to apply for college and all the bullshit that entails in the good ole US of A.

I’m wondering if he hates the job Dawson did on his house, why would he want him to paint the fence? But whatevs, he’s gonna press charges about the boat theft if Dawson doesn’t get all Tom Sawyer on that new job, so there you go.

Whole lotta fence.

Whole lotta fence.

At school (Is Dawson painting during school hours?) Jack avoids Jen and Jen tells Drue to go die. Drue then tells Jen he’s been planning to ruin her friendships on purpose because he’s a good pal. That makes about as much sense as it sounds. He calls himself diabolical. Do assholes really try to be assholes out of a joy for evil? Even sociopaths try to blend in. What’s with this guy’s blatant dickheadery?

Pacey rolls into the house (I guess he’s back to living with his siblings) and Joey’s there. They make out while Gretchen nags him because it’s his turn to buy groceries. He runs off to go do that, and Joey doesn’t even offer to go too and just sits there. She then asks Gretchen for her input on this peer recommendation business.

See, maybe just don’t ask the person you’re on shitty terms with to do you a favour? Ask your sister, the single mom business owner you allegedly run the B&B with. But of course this is down to Pacey, the guy who’s going nowhere, or Dawson, the guy who you have no business asking for things from. Why Gretchen has all the answers, I don’t know.

Andie is talking to her dad, who says she has more than enough credits to graduate and was accepted early to university so he wants to send her to Italy. And Meredith Monroe really looks her age in this scene.

Oh boy, Italy!

Oh boy, Italy!

Jack, meanwhile, is deleting AOL emails from Jen. Andie’s like, well, you can’t avoid her forever, plus I’m goin’ to Italy. Jack tries to talk her out of it with no good cards in his hand: Our friends aren’t speaking to each other, you could throw a party senior year, blah blah blah. What is the age difference between these two, anyway? Are they Irish twins so they’re in the same grade? Does that come up?

Anyway, he completely guilt trips her and somehow manages to imply going to Italy shows poor character as much as making your friends overdose on E.

At the school, Jen goes into an office that has people there, almost Intervention style, including someone from juvie. And there’s Drue, who seems to have arranged the whole thing.

We're gathered here today to shit on your future.

We’re gathered here today to shit on your future.

What follows is the weirdest scene ever. Drue gives this soft-spoken shit-eating remark about being naughty, nobody asks Jen to give further information, and without even questioning Andie, somehow 100 hours of community service is handed down with no evidence of Jen’s responsibility in the matter.

Jen tries to talk to Grams, who lays down an epic “I’m disappointed in you speech” that is dripping in more Catholic guilt than I ever got in my whole childhood.

And of course this is all because Andie’s a shit who ODs on drugs she pinched from her buddy and now is being sent to Italy while Jen gets thrown under the bus.

Jen shows up at the McPhee residence because Jack wrote back to her email. But it wasn’t him, it was Andie. Jack’s like, eff you, don’t wanna talk. Jen cries and says she wants to know how to fix it and he’s being horrible just ignoring her and she’s even apologized for things that weren’t even her fault. And Jack is unmoved.

At the Leery house, Joey has come over to ask Dawson to write the recommendation, and seems to chicken out. But there he is carrying painting supplies and calls her out for not helping even though she stole the boat too.

They have an awkward conversation about him writing the recommendation. And Joey leaves without offering to help paint the fence. She doesn’t offer help, generally. She just dates boys she doesn’t sleep with, doesn’t support emotionally and acts surly and asks for things.

Dawson sits down with the old man for dinner, who blows up at him when Dawson compliments the meal. And when Dawson tries to leave, he berates him for leaving. Then he tells a brief story about how a failed business cost him his relationship with his brothers. Don’t really care.

Pacey comes back over to Andie’s with her school work (Why doesn’t Jack bring that home?) and she tells him about Italy. She then muses about Jack’s guilt trip for running away when life gets hard. Oh fuck that. She’s not married with kids. She has no job. Doesn’t even have a pet. The trip is financed and her education is lined up. Run away to Italy, you ass. Cause some drama over there instead.

Pacey tells her to go. And because she’s not a dumbass like Joey who bailed on France, we know she’s outta here.

Jen and Drue are having a tense conversation where Jen tells him he’s an asshole and Drue insists on dragging Jen down in the gutter with him.

Andie’s dad comes home and Andie’s rationalizing the move to Italy.

Dawson comes over to Joey’s and he hasn’t done the recommendation.



She’s disappointed and visibly hurt, but takes no for an answer. And boom, out of nowhere there is Pacey.

And Pacey’s understandably annoyed Joey didn’t mention anything about this to him. Joey’s like, well, he knows me best, so eat it.

That night everyone starts coming to Leery’s Fresh Fish for dinner with Andie. When Jen shows up, Jack starts to leave, then Jen tries to go instead, and then Andie blurts out that actually she’s leaving so sit your asses down.

She gives this emotional speech, and tells them to lay off Jen because she didn’t make her take the drugs. Then she talks about having a life long friendship between Pacey, Dawson and Joey, the latter two who probably could not care less. “Oh no, my boyfriend’s ex who cried rape once is moving away…” “Rats, my ex-best-friend’s ex who I never really hung out with is leaving…”

Joey and Pacey have a heart to heart while waiting for the bathroom, of which there is only one. What kind of a restaurant is this? One bathroom stall?

Joey in teenage dramatic form says Pacey is her future.

And here’s some Sarah McLachlan.

Jen and Jack make up outside the restaurant.

Joey and Dawson talk about how he didn’t write the recommendation. He says he was afraid of what he’d write, but now he’d like to do it. Meanwhile Andie and Pacey are talking outside too. This means nobody’s at that damn table and if it weren’t for Dawson being there, it’d probably look like a dine n’ dash.

Pacey and Andie have a pow wow about how great Andie is, and yadda yadda. Everyone is now back inside.

Jack admits he didn’t want her to go ’cause he would miss her. Well, obviously. They say goodbye as though they won’t be going home together that night.

Dawson sets up the tripod (Which came from where?) and has his fancy camera set to a timer (Also, where did that come from?)

Goodbye, Andie, and good riddance.

Goodbye, Andie, and good riddance.

MVA: Dawson. “There’s the issue of my untouched applications for higher learning.”


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