Dawson’s Creek Revisited: Season 4, Episode 13 – Hopeless

Dawson’s mom chews out Gretchen for yapping on the phone instead of pouring customers wine orders and then Gretch wants to know if momma D has a vendetta against her… nope, honey, she just hired you to do a job and would like you to do it (And people say the millennials have a shit work ethic).

you just cant find good help these days

you just cant find good help these days

Gretch wants Dawson to meet her buddies. Then momma is back over to witness them sucking face while her paying customers continue to go wine-less. She is not amused.

On the other end of the socio-economic scale Joey is being worked to the bone at the yacht club by the red-headed monster. Joe-Joe begs for a Friday and Saturday off to go on her school trip and Ginge agrees only if Joey will go on a double with Drue and his girl to make sure they don’t get into trouble.

Dawson and Grams are at movie guy Brook’s house. Apparently he hasn’t paid his vet bill that allows for Grams to come nurse him.

Pacey gives his sis shit for wearing a belly-revealing sweater.

Jack and that guy who thinks he isn’t gay enough (Toby?) have a convo about helping kids learn to read.

Pacey and Joey are having a nice walk before their date and Joey is dressed up as the IKEA monkey.

who wore it best

who wore it best

3 ikea

Old man Brooks is watching Dawson’s movie by the fire and I don’t know what is going on because he had Dawson blindly sign some paper so I think he is probs gonna croak or something.

Hey, wait, is that chick from The Craft? It is! It’s Rachel True. We gotta start a list of famous people who appeared on this show.



Dawson’s mom decides to try to impose a curfew in front of his girlfriend and friends, and it turns out Gretch was right and momma does hate her.

On a differently awkward date, Drue’s date is getting a bit huggy with Pacey on the mini golf course. And Drue is being rude to his date.

Toby welcomes Jack-sprat to his kiddy reading club.

At the club, Dawson gets a big under-21 stamp, and is much amused. I am amused because I would just scrub that shit off ASAP. It would make more sense if the of-agers had a distinguishing mark, and not the other way around, but whatever, I’m no bar-owner.

Pacey and Drue’s date bond some more.

Gretch’s friends decide it would be fun to talk about all her exes at length.

At book club, Jack decides that it isn’t reading club, he is at writing club. His kid is all over it.

Joey insults Drue and then he opens up entirely to her about how he doesn’t know how to be a human and treat women like they are human too.

In Dawson-land the ladies go on to a bar, and Dawson heads on home because he can’t get into grownup establishments.

After his pep-talk, Drue is nice to his date.

OMG WHAT I think movie guy wants to get in Grams’ pants! How did I miss this? Apparently he is saving up meds to kill himself, or not taking meds so he will die or something? Jesus-loving Grams is not exactly pro-euthanasia, but is easily swayed by this handsome scamp.

Jack finds out Toby is trying to get in his pants too. Date night in Capeside is dramatic.

At home, Dawson agrees with his momma that Gretch is a bad girl, and momma D explains that actually she isn’t. For some reason Gretchen is on Dawson’s heels, and Momma D gives her a mini bitch out.

Joey and Pacey have a heart to heart about when they are going to stat sleeping together.

Oh sh-it. I think movie guy is dead.

i has a sad

i has a sad


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