Dawson’s Creek Revisited: Season 4, Episode 17 – Admissions

In the Capeside cafeteria, Joey is sharing her secret to staying so slim: she just smells her food instead of eating it.

smell the nourishment

smell the nourishment

Jen then waves the stack of colleges that she and her bestie Jack got into, while Joey still hasn’t heard anything. Joey can’t catch a mouthful, nor can she catch a break, apparently.

Next both Joey and Dawson get notes to call home. They both take calls in parallel and look like they are going to cry (Joey: joy, Dawson: not joy).

CREDITS timed to make us cliffhang on what they both were told.

Joey got in, Dawson didn’t. Joey says it is surreal because stuff like this doesn’t happen to her…well yeah…since you just now applied and got in to college…kinda makes sense. Things like retirement parties just don’t happen to me.

Jen and Jack are picking their joint college. Jen doesn’t want to go back to NY. Shocker.

Joey and Pacey ditch the rest of the day to go look at the letter back at Joey’s house –OH LOOK IT IS BODIE! — Bess is planning a BBQ to celebrate that a Potter actually made it to college even though they live in a house that is a million times nicer than mine.

He's alive!

He’s alive!

Now it is night at Dawson’s. Gretch sucks face with Dawson right in front of his mom. She is one classy, cradle-robbing broad, that Gretch. Gretch tells Dawson to forget college and just use the dead guy’s cash to make his own movies.

Jen is back at therapy trying not to talk about her parents.

Back at Joey Potter celebration BBQ headquarters, Joey gets a letter to inform her she needs $15,000 to go to school. After a quick jaunt to school, Bessie and Joey confirm she will need to come up with that kind of money. HOW IS THERE SCHOOL ON DURING THIS BBQ? Is everyone ditching to come toss back a couple of burgers on the poor family’s dime? Joey is in tears and it is BBQ time! She decides not to tell anyone and they will just have to figure it out when she is still hanging out in Capeside come September.

Jen and Jack spat over nothing (about going to NY obvs).

Gretch asks Pacey how he is handling all this college talk that obviously excludes him. He confesses that he was kinda glad Joey can’t afford to leave him.

Jen and Jack sit on a dock and Jack tells Jen to get back to therapy and work her issues out.

The Dawsons turn up and Dawson’s mom brings a letter to tell him he got in to some other college.

Joey takes off and is crying on her kitchen floor. Dawson finds her, and she tells him and he’s like “There has to be a way around this, it’s just money”. Nice world you live in, Dawson. We don’t all have rich guys croaking and leaving us a windfall.

coping skills

mad coping skills

Ohh then Dawson offers Joey his dead guy money. Joey thinks about it for a good five minutes and then says no. Dawson says that he really wants her to take the money because he has watched her go through so much pain and finally there is something he can do to fix it. UGH. Messiah complex much?

Jen is back at therapy. She says she can’t remember the last time she talked to her Dad…because she was too drunk? I don’t really follow.

Dawson talks to Pacey about the money, zzzzzz.

zzzz-sorry- Now Jen is with Drue, and calls him “Captain A-hole” (natch). She asks him what happened the last night in NY, they drank an assload, and then he starts telling a sex story that involves her mom. Jen gets mad he won’t tell he truth and takes off.

Joey is moping some more.

Drue shows up to tell Jen the truth. They didn’t hook up, Jen and her father called each other names (“slut” and “hypocrite”). She apologizes for being a skank but shoots him down.

Joey arrives to tell Dawson the truth that she slept with Pacey. Super sad face Dawson ensues.

Jen back in therapy and apparently she has been working on some repressed memory to determine whys she hates herself.

THEN Joey has to go confess to Pacey that she lied to Dawson initially about their steamy sex life. HOLD THE PHONE, THAT’S WHY THIS IS CALLED ADMISSIONS – DOUBLE ENTENDRE!

Then Pacey confesses that he was also glad that Joey didn’t get in to school.

Both take the news better than I would.

Jen and Jack are staring at fish because her shrink told her it would help her memory. I think she maybe needs a better therapist.

fishy therapy

fishy therapy

Now Dawson is at Joey’s house to give her a cheque for 15 Gs. They hug for a real long time. She takes the money and Dawson waxes poetic and the music swells. The end.


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