Jenn: So… our one and only way to review this show is gone:

Like WTF…

We were so close! 1.5 seasons to go! It was a two-year commitment! I feel robbed.

Jen: We were within a dozen episodes of C.J…

Not like this Netflix… Not like this. Why now?

Netflix may keep us apart... But I'll never stop loving you

Netflix may keep us apart…
But I’ll never stop loving you

Anyway, here is a link that I was going to share when I thought we still had a blog:

Jenn: Omg… The Pacey/Joey plot line. And last we saw, he had buggered off to “paradise” on the boat, dropped Joey flat and then somehow within months they became pals with no romantic resentments. And that’s where we end. IT’S NOT RIGHT! (And like so much else, it doesn’t make sense!)

Where and how do we get our Dawson’s Creek now? I mean, without actually having to buy it? (Because let’s be serious, we’re not doing that).

So we’re, like, on hiatus.


9 thoughts on “THEY PULLED DAWSON’S CREEK (Damn you, Netflix)

  1. Come on, man. You have us by the balls already! Are you going to continue with Dawson’s Creek or not? I mean it is already available on other sites on the internet.


    • We have people by the balls? Ooh! No, seriously, we thought we were sending these reviews out into dead airspace.
      Well, tell you what. We’ll look into these options and get reorganized. I feel no sense of closure over this thing and it’s tickling my brain.


  2. So are you going to continue with this? I mean I’m coming here almost everyday trying to see if there is a new one for another episode. I mean if you’re not going to do this, then we will get the answer as long as you’ve made it clear.


    • I’m both sorry you’re frustrated and also pleased you enjoyed the blog so much!
      I think we got out of our groove when our easy-access viewing got yanked.
      We’ll pow wow and hopefully come up with more than “hiatus” as our status update for this blog.

      But presently, admittedly, we’re feeling a bit stuck. Any pointers to specific places we can stream for free in Canada would be helpful!


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